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The Luna Stroller is a unique push pull toy for your little nuggs to build and further develop their skills.. Its a great way for nuggs to improve balance and rhythm during walking; cause and effect through movement.  Its aids in support and balance while walking, while teaching them to look ahead to avoid obstacles.

The Luna will fit 2 dolls side by side comfortably. Its a great addition to any pretend play or role playing activities.  

The Luna is made entirely of wood with a cotton cloth for the seat. It will come disassembled with pre-drilled holes and screws. An instruction sheet is also included for easy assembly. 

The Luna Stroller measures 20.5" tall (to top of crescent)  14" wide  24" deep (from tip of crescent to back of stroller at widest point) Max weight is approx 38 lbs. 

**Though stroller was not designed to be a seat, my daughter does sit in hers frequently while playing with dolls or watching a movie. Even though this is something most nuggs will do...this is not the intended use.

**Please allow 2-3 weeks for product to ship.

**Questions or concerns please contact


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