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Order Up- Breakfast

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How do you like your waffles?

Do you like fruit toppings? bacon?  Several sets to choose from...even sides of bacon and fruit.

Heart shaped waffles are offered in set of 3 or 5 (complete circle)

Each set is available with option of fruit side ( blueberries, bananas, and blackberries.

Each heart waffle is approx 3" x 3"  lg square waffles is approx 5"x3"

Due to small pieces of fruit...adult supervision is advised.

These pair perfectly with our lemonade stand set as well

All letters are hand mixed & poured, so there might be slight imperfections, or variations, to individual letters. Colors in photos are not an exact representation of physical letters.

**Letters and numbers made with high quality, FDA approved food grade approved epoxy that is safe for little nuggs. No odor and non yellowing. 

** Please allow up to 3 weeks for items to ship.  Ship times longer during holidays

**Questions or concerns please email nuggbutts@gmail.com